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Headlamp Relay HLr




Schematics and Descriptions are bound separately for easy 'back-and-forth' reference. The Descriptions are printed on high-quality paper, comb bound, and fitted with plastic covers. Due to popular demand, the Schematic pages are now laminated. An added benefit: use a non-permanent felt-tipped high-lighter to make notes on your schematic while working. When you're done, use a damp paper towel and your schematics are as good as new.


Joe Leoni has improved his 356 ELECTRICS; which hither to had been in two volumes.  Now the schematic volume is in the front of a loose-leaf binder and is plastic laminated.  This means you can take the wiring diagram out to work on your car with a realistic hope of cleaning it off when you are done.  The circuit description volume now in the back of the binder, which is not laminated, of course should have been read and digested prior to playing with the wiring.  A thoughtful improvement; the price has gone up $10 to $85.  Joe has pointed out to me that 356 ELECTRICS (available separately for 356 A, 356B-T5 & 356B-T6/C) are tools not books.  Pricey, but superbly done in full color, and indispensable when you have an electrical problem.

Porsche 356A or 356B-T6 or 356B/C T5 Electrics (ring bound), by Joe Leoni are expensive at $85.00 and absolutely amazing.  Basically a 3 ring binder is divided into two sections; the first about 10 pages of clear plastic coated schematics by system and the second expanded circuit descriptions and trouble-shooting.  So you can read about the system upon which you wish to work and then take the appropriate laminated (which may be wiped off when done) out to your car.  Again, the writing is readable.  I grew up (sort of) with 5 American Flyer (no crappy 3 rail Lionel stuff for me) running simultaneously, so I am good at wiring.  Even so, if I work on the electrical system, I do it with Joe’s books.

356 Electrics can be sent with 3 ring binders.  I have found it almost extremely difficult to source shipping boxes to fit.  Price without standard 3 ring binder is $5.00 lower.


Air Priority Envelopes are $45.00 ($30.00 to Canada) will work for a single 356 Electrics if sent without 3 ring binder. 

Air Priority Medium boxes are $75.00 will work for two 356 Electrics in Ring Binders & two relays.

1st class envelope is $30.00

In-order to pay for international shipping, go to and pay to:


356A Schematics now includes Carrera wiring and serial number coded iterations of 356A wiring