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BLOCKS-BOOKS, almost certainly the oldest purveyor of Porsche books (selling since 1977) supports the largest Porsche library (over 1200 titles).

You may use the web site to research books and ideally buy them.  If a book is listed as stocked, it is available for prompt shipment.  If listed as available, it can usually ship within 2-3 weeks.  Most books are priced at a 20% discount from list.


A flat $5.00 is automatically charged for shipping by media mail in the US -- for the entire order, NOT per individual book.  Unfortunately postal prices have increased by more than 50% on since 2013.


If you are ordering from out of the United States, or wish expedited mail (worth considering for for Hawaii and Alaska); please check with me first and I shall compute charges.  Until books are fitted in the air priority boxes shipping is impossible to calculate. If you prefer, you may order and pay for the books -- no shipping charge will be automatically computed and I shall then contact you with shipping charges. If the charges are acceptable, please pay directly via PayPal to  If not, I shall refund your order.  If desired, I can invoice you.

International Air Priority Box Size

Price is driven by box size (“if it fits, it ships”)

Small boxes are $30.00

    suitable for up to two relays.

Air Priority envelopes are $45.00 ($30.00 to Canada)

    suitable for one or two soft bound books

    including a single 356 Electrics sent without 3 ring binder

Medium boxes are $85.00 ($65.00 to Canada)

    suitable for several books.

Large boxes are $95.00 ($80.00 to Canada)

1st Class price is driven by both weight (must be under 3 pounds) and distance, but to Europe at least, is usually less than less International Air Priority. But there is no insurance and time to delivery is marginally longer

1st Class business size manila envelope or very small box

under 0.5 kg (1 pound) = $30.00  (one Leoni SSr relay OR soft bound book)

0.5 kg - = $30.00 (one Leoni HLr relay)

1.2 Kg (~2.5 pound) = $45.00

US Air Priority is less.

Small boxes for relays are $9.00.

Medium boxes are $25.00.

Large boxes $39.00

Also available are magazine back issues of Christophorus, Panorama, 356 Registry, Excellence Magazine, 911 & Porsche World, GT Purely Porsche, Total 911, Small Car/CAR, Road & Track, Sportscars Illustrated/Car and Driver, Sportscar Graphic/Sportscar International, Automobile, Gmund (all of which are catalogued -- so I can generally let you know if a specific issue is available).

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7295 Coldspring Ln.

West Bloomfield, MI 48322


You may contact me clicking on the link below.